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Gibraham Ivanhoe Nápoles Cañedo

Professor of Physics, Math & Robotics

Gibraham Nápoles came to Puerto Vallarta from Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico and is one of Harkness's most accomplished professors.  He is also the recipient of the Edward Schneider Endowed Chair for excellence in Physics at the school.

   Gibraham obtained his bachelor degrees in physics and mechatronic engineering from USON and ITH in Hermosillo.  He received a master's degree in applied physics at BUAP, Puebla, and received the highest honor for the best master's thesis and academic average. 

   He is currently a candidate for the degree of Doctorate in Applied Physics at BUAP.  He has studied and speaks three foreign languages and has published numerous articles. He is also the recipient of several of national awards. 

   He enjoys teaching at Harkness because he has found the students to be so smart and enthusiastic.  But the best part: "the students are polite and always interested in the topics being covered in math and physics."


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