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"You can participate in this amazing venture..."
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Every March, Harkness has a fundraiser called "Founder's Day."  The evening is magical:  a sumptuous 4-course dinner served by students of the school with free beverages, beautiful music playing in the background and more than 50 outstanding raffle prizes called during the evening.  All the income goes to the Harkness scholarship fund. Call the school for tickets.


Even though the tuition is modest Harkness strives to be needs blind, that is to provide for those coming from economically-challenged families.  Over 40% of the students at Harkness require some financial assistance, and it's our goal to accept as many bright and talented students as we can. 


You can also make a U.S. tax-deductible contribution to a 501c3 which directly supports the school.  Just send your contribution to the Mexico Education Association, c/o Mr. William Fulton – treasurer, 506 Popular Creek Crossing, Canton, Georgia 30114. 

Or go to this crowd sharing site here:


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