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Dale Hanstad 

Professor of American & World Literature, Life Skills

Dale studied French and English literature at Loyola University Chicago (BA) and Recreation, Sport, and Tourism Management (MS) at the University of Illinois.  With this background, he embarked on a career in public administration via the field of recreation, specializing in youth and adolescent development.  He has great  experience in after school and camp program management as well as vocational training for high school and college students. Dale has international experience in the field, gained in Paris, France and Mexico City.

   As part of his classes, Dale ensures students understand their role in the various communities they serve, be they local, national, or global. "Literature can put the world at our fingertips," he believes, "and with that knowledge, we can become better students, workers, and humans."  At Harkness, he is looking forward to increasing student involvement within the community.




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