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Manuel Alex Moya 

Professor - American History, World History, SAT Preparation & Social Science


Alex has a deep understanding of historical and social trends having studied at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) where he received a bachelor degree and the University of Chicago where he received his Masters of Arts Degree in June 2010.  

     He began his career in Washington D.C. as a legislative analyst and researcher.  Then he taught Micronesian history and Catholic morality at Xavier High School at Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia.

    Now he is teaching World History, American History and Social Studies at Harkness so they can "explore the deeper socio-economic, cultural and spiritual facets underlying human attempts to find meaningful forms of social co-existence." Like all of our teachers, he works hard to instill in students a continuously inquiring mindset that doesn't rest on easy assumptions. 


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