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"No other school in Mexico

offers such amazing opportunities..."


The most powerful lesson Harkness students learn early is that they only live in a sliver of the world and that the opportunities beyond are vast. But we want them to also understand that while people of other cultures seem different, we are all fundamentally more similar than disparate. And that they are capable of competing intellectually with students anywhere in the world.

   These are lessons that won't come from books, movies or television. Only when students are imbedded in another culture can they begin to understand.

    So Harkness has developed relationships with elite educational institutions that feel the same way and who appreciate what Harkness students offer intellectually. Outstanding schools like Choate Rosemary Hall, Kettering University, University of the Arts (Philadelphia), Miami of Ohio, and SCAD have 5-week summer programs that are attended by hundreds of students internationally. Attending these programs on scholarship provides Harkness students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make friends from all over the world. The transformative power on those who attend is startling.  Harkness students begin to recognize that options abound everywhere, and they become citizens of the world!

   Harkness Institute is also building its contacts and adding to its international program of two week visits to schools abroad,  living with student families.  During the school year students visit outstanding high schools such as The Pingree School and Governors Academy near Boston, the Pacific Ridge School near San Diego and Central Catholic near San Francisco, living with host families and going to class with students.

   This is part of a Harkness program called “Schools without Borders." But it really means “Minds without Boundaries.”












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