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Javier Avila Ramarez

Professor of Economics & Math

Javier was born in Distrito Federal, but has lived in Puerto Vallarta for most of his life. He earned a BA degree in Economics and Business Administration from Beloit College in Wisconsin, a bachelor's in Education from the University of Guadalajara, and a Master of Finance from ITESM, Guadalajara.

   Javier found his calling in the field of education and attended several courses at Harvard, Stanford, and Phillips Exeter in order to master the art of teaching. He also earned a Mexican Broker Certification.

   Javier loves being in the classroom and has a unique attitude about his teaching. "Teaching at Harkness is like eating jelly beans from an assorted bag. Every day, every student, every class is unique even when they seem similar from the outside.  Unlike jelly beans (for which my favorite flavor has never changed,) my favorite moment is changed by students often several times in a day."






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