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"There's a constant flow of fun activities throughout the school year."

The sense of community within the Harkness Institute student body is undeniable. The creative activities at the school help to foster a unique school spirit. 

   Harkness Days are events organized for the entire student body. On Harkness Days, students may be taken to a different location, such as San Sebastian or San Pancho. The students are taken into an outdoor environment, where they use their academic skills to complete tasks in an informal setting.  These days also include collaborative games and group-leadership activities...and everyone has fun!

   Another event is  Harkness Camp, which takes place at the beginning of the year in order to give the students an opportunity to interact with one another outside the classroom and among the different grade levels.

   Student Council is the voice of the student body. The Council meets, organizes, implements, and evaluates regular student activities and special events. They oversee the Student Life Committee, the Education Committee, the Justice Committee, and the Events Committee. 

   The entire student body is divided within four competing "houses." Through lunch-time and after school games and activities, the houses accumulate points. The activities range from rallies to skill-based competitions. 

   Harkness Clubs are student-lead interest groups. Students are given the opportunity to meet, discuss and engage in activities related to their interests. Some of the most popular clubs have been the Geek Club, the Salsa Club, the French Club, and the Eco-Club. Through the clubs, students have joined together in order to engage in sports activities such as soccer and volleyball. 

   Peer-Mentoring is a new program, which has already proven to be effective. It matches first year students with an older student in order to provide them with guidance and support. This support is both academic and personal. It is complemented with the tutoring that is provided.

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