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"I recommend Harkness every day..."



Parents are often amazed at the changes they see in their teenagers...

“At Harkness my son has undergone tremendous change...from being an introverted and insecure child, he has grown into a self-confident young man who is participative, joyful, trustworthy, etc. (The list is endless.”).


“The story of my son is a ‘Before’ and ‘After.’ Before when he was quiet, lagging behind, on ‘standby.’ After Harkness, he realizes he has skills, that he can develop strategies, give a critical opinion, and take risks – understanding that despite the outcome what matters is trying.”


“Harkness has academic excellence, great values, theory combined with practice, vision and mission. I tell other parents this school is the door to great opportunities for their children.”


“This is a high-achievement school that gives students the tools and reasons to aim for a good university. I like the sociability among students. I think the

teachers are very well prepared, and that is why the school is number one.”


“I recommend Harkness every day! We love that there are few students per group, so it is a very personalized type of education, and above all, we like the fact that they look for the ‘talent”’in each student and they stimulate their growth in that direction!”


“I’m overjoyed because hearing my teenage son say that he LOVES his school despite it being difficult, and seeing the results  says it ALL!”

   Parents decipher the system 


 Parents say that there is no more important choice than deciding on the right school. 


❖  They see remarkable changes in their sons and daughters at Harkness because the teaching method creates an intellectual environment. It not only improves ‘learning,’ it increases “understanding.” 

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