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"...we are prepared for life." 


How do Harkness students feel about this educational method:


“The Institute's Method teaches us to go beyond what is expected of us and find our own answers. This method forces us to use resources of all kinds...books, Internet, videos, and magazines for the information we need.”  John Ryan


“The student is able to form personal ideas and to share them, which gives room to a deeper understanding of the subject and gives us the opportunity to consider other ideas.”  Sebastian Ramirez


“Thanks to discussions, we really ‘learn’ things, reason them, not only memorize them. When you investigate, your mind is working. In other schools you just repeat or memorize."  Rashah Nava


“You learn many other values, because you learn to understand the opinions of others. You also learn how to defend your arguments." Gabriel Sohn


“It prepares our minds to be critical, to be objective, to say more meaningful things with well- structured ideas.”  Samarah Uribe


“In class you become part of a community. You are prepared to interact with people when you finish school, something that traditional schools do not offer.” Alvin Uscanga


“The Harkness learning way allows students to discuss intellectual subjects on a peer-to-peer level.”  Marco Ramos


“Education in Mexico prepares students for a job; at Harkness, we are prepared for life.” Diego Vazquez



The Student is Key


❖  Students“buy into” the system and immediately begin to make progress. Soon they revel in the discussions.


❖  The class discussions fine-tune their minds: enabling them to provide more critical analysis and better prepare themselves to take on real life solutions in the future.


❖  We call it “student-centered education.” But it really is “mind-centered.”



Teacher Reflections
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